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Tim Tubra: Co-Owner, Roaster  //  Matt Dittemore: Co-Owner, Roaster

Tim Tubra: Co-Owner, Roaster  //  Matt Dittemore: Co-Owner, Roaster

Entimos Coffee Roasters is a collaboration between two outdoorsmen steeped in Portland's coffee culture. Tim Tubra and Matt Dittemore, together with their respective families, make their homes in Sacramento, California, but they are Northwesterners by both birth and inclination. Introduced by a mutual acquaintance in 2010, a friendship began and was nurtured by a love of finely roasted coffees. After exchanging notes and critiquing each others’ roast profiles, they began to collaborate and Entimos Coffee Roasters was born. 

When they are not roasting coffee or volunteering at church, they can be found tromping around the Sierra Nevadas, looking for adventure in the great outdoors. Their hope is that you taste a bit of that passion for adventure in every cup of Entimos Coffee.

Entimos Coffee can be found in shops, carts and pop-ups around the United States.